carmarthenfan sent: The sidebar doesn't allow scrolling in all browsers. For example, when I use Chrome on a Mac, it cuts off half the review links and I can't scroll down to see the others (but I can in Safari). Stuff like that might be why people are having trouble, if their screen resolution push the entire menu outside of the window.

that’s weird, i picked this theme because it was the only one that worked with different browsers and resolutions (also because i thought having a fixed sidebar would eliminate the problem), but if you’re having issues then i’ll change it or create a separate pages for all reviews.

thanks for letting me know! 

Anonymous sent: wait, wheres the quick link for past reviews. i can't find it in the side bar


i posted a screencap too

[squints more]

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Anonymous sent: you should tag all your readings so they're easier to find!

hey anon! reviews are always tagged for organisational purposes and on the sidebar there’s a quick-browsing menu with every book i’ve reviewed in chronological order :)


Anonymous sent: You should read Destroying Avalon. We had to read it in class and I'm being forced to write an essay on that piece of shit. Not as bad as some stuff you've read, but still bad. Shitty plot structure. So many cliches. Perfect mary sue tortured protagonist. Lack of understanding of teenagers. Offensive treatment of queer orientations, depression, self harm, and suicide. Completely unbelievable.

When Avalon moves to the city her life is turned upside down. Starting at a new high school, she finds herself at the centre of a brutal cyber-bullying campaign. She is inundated with obscene text messages, and subject to increasingly vicious web site postings, as things spiral out of control. Miserable and isolated, Avalon relies on a small group of new friends. But as the threats escalate, is anyone safe?

i don’t know why i was expecting marion zimmer bradley and arthurian cycle. you did say teenagers after all 

why would you want me to read this though do you hate me that much 

haven’t i suffered enough

Anonymous sent: I read a few months ago the wonderfully horrific tale "hedging his bets" and I'd love to formally recommend it to you... let's just say: biker werehedgehogs

that masterpiece has actually been on my to read list for a couple of months, i’m just waiting for the price to go down because i categorically refuse to spend three dollars for biker werehedgehogs

Anonymous sent: Eragon series. Eeerrragooonnn

i went there when i was 13. never again. 

at this point i’ve established i don’t particularly care for dragons and that series is probably why [stares off into the distance and shakes head]


Um, so I think those trees are…
(via: I fucking love science)


Um, so I think those trees are…

(via: I fucking love science)

Anonymous sent: for the record i just want to say that i've read nearly all of the house of night books 'cause the last person who lived in my house left the whole series (sans the last book or two) here for some reason. they're absolute garbage but i couldn't stop reading them. they're so bad that i just had to keep reading. it's like a train wreck. you can't look away, man. they're a jumbled, incoherent mess and i hate them and you should totally read the whole series.

no don’t you dare i trusted you house of night people once and i’m never going there again. never


"he took a hand to his weeping cock—"